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We don't get much of a winter, here in Texas. In fact, our Northern friends would laugh at our weakness, when it comes to "battling the cold".

But, regardless of our feeling of cabin fever, spring is here, and whether you have been literally cooped up for months, or the plants were never moved inside, there's something about the beginning of this season that makes everyone's lungs expand, just a little bit more. Seeing those little peeks of colored flower, the sun shining a little longer, and we don't even mind the sniffles and sneezes of those seasonal allergies.


A reason to clean out those closets and put away the coats. A great excuse to dust off the gardening tools and plant something...even, in my case, when I will kill it, by May. Throw away all those magazines you promised yourself you would sit by the warm fire and read, in all that spare time, in January. And, tell those kids, one million times, a day, to GET OUTSIDE!

This weekend, we're taking our Wood 5 on our first camping trip, in an RV. When people are divided, on their preference of city-life and country-living, we definitely fall as those who like our convenient, around-the-corner Walmart and quick, last-minute dinner pick-up. But, we're stretching those unused muscles of inconvenience, and doing our own version of "roughin' it", for the sake of a family memory.

Our kids are over the moon, with excitement. Have been counting down the minutes, since first hearing of the new adventure. Constantly reminding each other of what it will entail - even though, they have no idea. And, staring, with longing eyes, at the beast of a portable house, sitting outside our home. Regardless of what this weekend entails, good - bad - and I'm sure, moments of pure ugly, knowing we're doing something that strengthens us, as a unit, is more worth it, than all the stars, in that big 'ol open sky.

What kind of "new" are you providing for your tribe?

One of the most wonderful things about new experiences is that they don't have to be extravagant. They don't have to be complicated. And, they definitely don't have to be expensive. An added bonus: the freshness of a new season is one of the best times to try it out. We're all in need of something to take us out of the crust of the normal.

Keep it Simple. We're loading down our borrowed RV with all the comforts of home, but those comforts are simply being transferred from our real home, to our rented one. There's no need to buy new things to make this experience enjoyable, when what we already have, works every time. Life gets complicated when there's too much fluff. Simple is the most comforting.

Keep it Intentional. Our camping weekend is in conjunction with our church, so we didn't have to try very hard, making this experience thoughtful and sincere, since the majority of our friends will be there, enjoying it with us. But, new experiences aren't always accompanied by others' schedule and help. What's the motivation for this new adventure? Don't overthink it, but stay focused, so the superfluous things won't steal your joy.

Keep it Us. What activity, adventure, new journey will keep you and your tribe remaining true to you? RV camping is much more our style, as a family unit, than sleeping directly under the stars. New things are challenging and good for our growth, but know your limits. Especially when it involves your children. Their minds and bodies can get so confused with the newness, they miss the adventure. Keep this thing true to what fits for you guys. And, laugh at all the ways the "new" unites your family, in a whole "new" way.

Now, get out there....there's a lot of world to explore!

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