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With an enthusiasm to see students succeed, our volunteer instructors from all walks of life give on average four hours every other week to make a positive impact on the next generation. Instructors are trained, supported,and given valuable information to create the most conducive atmosphere for students to learn how to build healthy relationships.


Do you have a desire to pour into the lives of students in your community?

Check out the following FAQ and email the Pure Truth Coordinator to take the first steps

towards impacting students for the better!​


What is the time commitment to volunteer?

On average, an instructor

can expect to volunteer four hours every other week.

Will I be trained?

Yes! A thorough training takes place at the beginning of each semester (fall/spring) and updates to the training may be made throughout the semester as needed.

Do I pick the days/times I can volunteer or am I assigned?

Each instructor picks the day during the week that is best for them to volunteer. The times on those days vary depending on the class schedules. If you are available, you may be asked to sub for another instructor.

What if there are lessons I’m not as comfortable teaching? Do I pick the lesson I teach or is it assigned? 

The lessons coincide with the day of the week, so if there is a day that is better for you, you will always teach the same lesson. However, we will provide the support you need to be comfortable with as many lessons as possible!

Will I have to deal with discipline in the classroom while I teach? 

Discipline issues are rare, but the classroom teacher is always present while we are in the classroom and will deal with any distractions that arise.


There are lots of ways to be involved. Your partnership impacts the next generation!


Candy - Instructors like to take candy into the classrooms as an incentive for students to participate in discussions.

Gas Gift Cards - Our volunteer instructors not only give their time, but they generally pay for gas to drive to and from the schools as well. 

Scholarship - Consider donating toward our character-based Pure Truth College scholarship, awarded every spring to Parker County seniors.


School Deliveries - Deliver candy and teacher treats to school before their presentations.


Event Support - Help with setup, food, decor, and tear down for Pure Truth for Parents events, annual trainings,

and occasional mini sessions.


Website Management - Assist with weekly website updates.


Piles of Books



A character-based scholarship,

awarding diligence in

academics, as well as the positive affects

a Parker County senior

 makes on their peers.



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This scholarship is made possible by generous donations to Grace House Ministries. To donate or inquire about the scholarship, email the Pure Truth Coordinator.

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