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2023 is in full swing! Regardless of what has personally happened in your life, as a community of parents, it has taken multiple collective deep breaths to stay steady. But, as we always say, you're not alone.

And, these Parent Resource videos are for you, to remind you, we're here for however we can help. 

Text us, anytime: 817-835-9898

Are you feeling a little lost in this time of uncertainty, specifically in how you relate to your kids? In a day when info is at your fingertips, we invite you to add us to your queue of helpful tips in connecting to your kids, regardless of their age.

To maintain healthy relationships, healthy communication is vital. But, you can’t communicate well if you don’t know the person well. Start a conversation with your student about what makes them unique and other people valuable.

Relationships with people is a lifelong journey. And, helping our students navigate the ins and outs can be difficult. Here’s some valuable talking points you can walk your student through, giving them tools to make relationships that are healthy and will last.

Monitoring your student’s social media accounts can be a daunting task. But, you’re not alone. Here are some tips on breaching the most important issues surrounding social media. 

Could you use some helpful tools to get your children talking about how they feel, and coming to terms that those feelings are valid? This video will walk you through talking points and real-life applications to get those conversations started.

Boundaries can be a difficult subject to breech, especially with our students. Here are the whys and hows of making boundaries a part of your students' life.

Talking about STDs with our children can be an uncomfortable conversation, but please don’t let the awkward keep you from sharing the truth. They need to get the facts, shared in love, from you.



  1. Download our Pure Truth For Parents Take Home Tools handout to discover helpful resources for online safety and accountability.

  2. Make sure your location settings are turned off on your camera app, as well as all of your social media apps. Here’s how to make that happen:

  • For Android: Systems – Security & Location – Privacy – Location – App-Level Performance

  • For iPhone: Settings – Privacy – Location Services

3. Use discretion when posting pictures and descriptors about your child on your social media sites. Texting personal information is a much safer and wiser decision, especially if details are included that could potentially put your child at risk.

4. Talk with your child about how you both will pledge to make their safety the priority. Hold each other accountable to your pledge.

What steps can I can take to keep my child safe online?

How can I get Pure Truth involved with my child's school?

I can sometimes feel like I am fighting this parent-war alone, but I know I’m not. How can I connect with other parents and share 

encouragement and ideas to continue doing what’s best for my child?

How can I get the word out about the impact Pure Truth is making in our community?

If your child’s school isn’t on our Pure Truth schedule, seek out your school’s counselor, principal and/or SHAC (Student Health Advisory Committee) to see about being added. Direct your school’s administrators to our School Tab for more information. Our schedule is limited, but new schools are always welcome!

To view details regarding the curriculum we teach in schools, use the button below.

Almost every season of parenting has its lonely moments, but we want you to know there’s an army of others in the trenches right beside you.   


Our Pure Truth Facebook page is geared solely at helping you connect with other parents in your community. You can also visit our Parents Blog for weekly encouragement and to be challenged and spurred on to be the best front line for your child. 

  1. Share this website, as it has something for students, schools, community members, as well as parents. 

  2. Attend our Pure Truth for Parents event and bring others with you to be equipped, encouraged, and reminded that you’re not alone in this journey. 

  3. Begin conversations with other parents about what is being offered at your school for your children concerning these vital areas where students need to be given truth. If nothing is being offered, encourage your school administrators to contact us. 

  4. Join our Pure Truth team and make one of the biggest impacts, outside of being a parent, you will ever make. See our Community Tab for more information.

Pure Truth for Parents

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