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Knowledge provides a sound basis for wise decision making. We provide accurate and clear information through our

Pure Truth in-school training program to help students make healthy life choices.

Our curriculum has been written by our Pure Truth team, meeting the specific needs that Generation Z is faced with, on a daily basis.

Personality Types

Healthy Attachments

Social Media and Internet Safety

Emotional Needs

Risky Behaviors and Setting Boundaries

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Teen Pregnancy

Human Trafficking Awarenes


For a short description of each of these lessons use the button below.

More in-depth lesson overviews, handouts, and "Talking It Out" sheets (take home parent discussion guides).


Pure Truth desires to build a relationship with schools, in our community, that is healthy, supportive, and beneficial for students, school faculty and staff, parents, and the community as a whole. Review our School Policies, Volunteer Instructor Bios, and Signature of Intent, and contact the Pure Truth Coordinator with any questions. 


Piles of Books



A character-based scholarship,

awarding diligence in

academics, as well as the positive affects

a Parker County senior

 makes on their peers.

Download application and letter of recommendation instructions using the buttons below


 This scholarship is made possible by generous donations to Grace House Ministries.

To inquire on how to donate or the specifics of the scholarship, email the Pure Truth Coordinator.

Our Schools

2021-2022 schools

Pinnacle Christian School

Brock High School

 Millsap Middle School 

Weatherford Christian School

Springtown High School

Springtown Middle School

Hall Middle School

Tison Middle School

Click here to contact us about getting Pure Truth in your school, for the 2022-2023 school season.

“The students enjoyed having different instructors. Something new and different every day.” 

Aledo ISD

“Sharing life experiences with the students was very beneficial. All of the instructors did this & grabbed the students’ attention right away.”

Springtown ISD

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“I thought the topics you covered were very pertinent.”

Springtown ISD

"I always love when y'all come. The information is very good and you do a great job presenting it.”

Springtown ISD

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