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Updated: Feb 13, 2018



Welcome to a new relationship. Welcome to a new journey, for some, a rigorous continuation, for others. Welcome to the introduction of new ideas, the reminders of old ones, and the challenge to keep straight, the most important.


My hope is this venue becomes a place where you don’t just sit back and read, consuming, without action. My desire is what we muddle through – sometimes with the carefree lightness of flip flops – other days, donning our combat boots, knee-deep in the mud of circumstances, our society, and desperation – we do it together, bravely, and with renewed passion for the ones without whom we would have no purpose to fight.

Our manner with which these souls became intertwined with ours will differ. Some of us share the same bloodline as our babies. Some of us can confidently look past a court making a ruling, because our hearts were made for that child, before our times began. Some of us are wearing the hat of parenting for the second-go-around, being a lifeline for not only our grandchildren, but our children, giving them the breath they need to succeed. Some of us have the privilege of standing in the gap, maybe only for a moment, but giving that child more in that moment, than they have received in their lifetime. And, forgive me if I didn’t give color to your role, as there are a million ways to receive the calling of a parent…point is, we are one and it has changed us forever.

There’s not one of us that has this thing down. No truer words have been spoken.

We have those “parent win” days and we have those “epic fail” days. We get one season of parenting securely mounted on our wall, and then our child turns into a completely different person, and we feel we are carrying the sword of victory with only thumbs. And, let’s not even talk about if we have multiple children. Why don’t children, in the same family, come with the same manual, as the same make and model of cars do? One-size-fits-all would work really well, when you have more than one child, but that reality can join the rank of unicorns and little baby angels, playing harps, sitting on clouds.

So, for us, parenting isn’t the new part. Even if the hospital smell of sterile clean hasn’t worn off your first newborn’s clothes yet, every day moves us farther away from new. But, this relationship we are beginning here, is. A blank piece of paper, ready for us to fill up with ideas, tears, excitement, laughter, and a million other things. Joining hands with each other, regardless of place, history, and beliefs. Possibly, only united under our role, but there are fewer roles that single-handedly connect people, to a stronger depth, than this one.


To a place we may disagree.

We may find our voice.

We may meet fellow sojourners.

We may begin new adventures.

We may struggle to remain invisible.

We may be safely found.

But, one thing I can guarantee is, in this place, you will find safety, commonality, and encouragement. Your receiving of those offers is up to you. Feel welcome to sit back, partake, and move on. Be free to ingest and apply to your life. Wherever this place finds you, moves you, and helps make you, I hope it is exciting, full of promise, and new.

Welcome. I’m so glad you’re here.

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